My waitressing job at a martini bar downtown has made me resent men. I need a release after work other than going to a nightclub in dealing with the same pigs who hit on me and give cheesy lines. I have heard of a place called the pink monkey in downtown Chicago which holds male Revue shows every Saturday night with the hottest male dancers. I was hesitant at first to see any Chicago exotic dancers live, but I’m here to tell you that I am glad that I went.

First of all, these male strippers were the hottest guys I have ever seen! I had a hard time believing that all of these gentlemen were from the Chicagoland area. Before the show began, some of the Chicago exotic dancers came up to me and have real conversations, not cheap lines to get into my pants. All of the guys were snappy uniforms which ended up coming off onstage. I cannot believe how muscular and chiseled each of the male dancers bodies were. Everyone looked like they came off of a cover from a romance novel.

Next, Angel told me onstage and threw me in nature without any arms. He proceeded to take off his shirt and grab my hands to place him on his muscular chest. The girls that came with screamed out my name as I was flipped and twisted into different positions onstage. I never thought that I would be part of a male Revue show with the hottest Chicago exotic dancers around. Needless to say I had a great time and would highly recommend seeing these guys live.

Finally I can say that there are true gentlemen out there who are friendly, sweet, and naughty when they want to be. Their bodies were something that every girl dreamed of touching. I know many Chicago male strippers perform endless Revue shows, but I was lucky enough to visit a show that has the experience and talent second to none. If I ever get married, I would actually have my bachelorette party with the Chicago Hunks performing live for me.