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You can see Kevin (dressed as a cop) perform his regular routine traffic stop and searches the female perpetrator for contraband. After deep and thorough search, the officer finds a “little crack” and proceeds to striptease for this suspect. All of the naughty girls in the audience get in line to be tossed around by hot male police officer stripper.

The crowd loved Alex who comes dressed as the gentleman whose suave moves seduce the most reluctant of females. After offering a rose to a special guest in the audience, Alex then proceeds into a high-energy show involving hot acrobatics to tease the eager crowd.

The hot male Chicago strippers that performed at this male Revue show looks like they belonged to muscle and fitness magazines or better yet the cover of GQ magazine. It is breathtaking to see so many hot male strippers in one room performing at the same time. Usually I only get to see one or two male strippers in private bachelorette parties cramped and set up a hotel room or condo.

Next time you visit Chicago, be sure and watch the Chicago hunks perform live at the next venue. They traveled to many nightclubs and bars across Chicagoland so be sure to check out their schedule.