Male Exotic Dancers

Chicago male strippers

Chicago male strippers

Having a male exotic dancer perform for you and your girlfriends is one of the best things you can do for entertainment. Tying the knot should not be the only excuse to see male strippers perform. Chicago male strippers perform year-round now at bachelorette parties, but also birthday parties and girls night out.

Chicago male exotic dancers are the friendliest in the industry. When I brought my best friend to the Pink Monkey in downtown Chicago to watch her first male Revue show on her 18th birthday, she was never so excited. The theater that the gorgeous gentlemen performed at was astounding. There were three other groups of girls that joined us, but were celebrating for different reasons. One of the groups the girls was celebrated divorce and the other two groups or bachelorette parties.

There was plush seating they made everyone feel comfortable which synergistically combined with soft lighting to create a homey feeling. We got there a little bit early which was a great idea because I and all my girlfriends ended up meeting all of the hot Chicago male exotic dancers before they went on stage. Angel signed the birthday girl’s chest with a sharpie marker which everyone got a kick out of. Some of the hunky dancers even posed for photos without even charging. They really made my friend feel like a queen.

I only have been to a few other male Revue shows in Chicago and was neither impressed nor disappointed. The other male dancers that I have seen were older than and not as charismatic as the Chicago Hunks who performed hi my best friend’s birthday night.
The next time you’re thinking about going out to a bar or nightclub to celebrate your birthday party, Chicago bachelorette party, or just a ladies night out, stop that thought and just order some tickets to see the hottest male Revue show in Chicago. The Chicago hunks are the most amazing group of guys you will ever see!

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