Male Revue shows have the sexiest male dancers, especially in Chicago.

Chicago male dancer

Chicago male dancer

The hottest male Revue show in Chicago takes place once a month at 115 Bourbon St. in Marionette Park. There you can see anywhere 6 to 8 of the hottest gentlemen dancing together for your viewing pleasure. The 60 hunks perform choreographed routines better than shows you will see it Vegas for twice the price. The next time you have a girls night out party in Chicago, be sure to order tickets for the next male Revue show in Chicago.

Sometimes ordering private male dancers to show up to bars, hotels, or even inside your living room to perform strip teases for you and all your friends is a good idea. Private strip shows are a great way to entertain your guests on an individual basis or providing consistent entertainment throughout the evening. Chicago is home to many of the greatest five star restaurants in which to host your pre-girls night out party entertainment. Recommendations by Chicago hunks include Gibson’s steakhouse and parties at the W. Hotel off of Lake Shore drive. Accommodations will be provided by the Chicago hunks concierge service which comes complimentary when ordering tickets to see any of the male Revue shows this year.

The Chicago male strippers that perform at the intense routines have hard chiseled bodies and looks that would make Fabio look ridiculously ugly. The guys are very fun in person and love flirting with the guests. Be sure to bring a camera to take lots of photos for memories that will last a lifetime. Never again will you be meeting such fine looking gentleman all in one place. It is amazing how well these male dancers work together to help perform the greatest male Revue show in Chicago.

Do not hesitate to indulge yourself in the ultimate girls night out party in Chicago. Make your girlfriends jealous by telling them where you spent your weekend and who you spent it with. When they do not believe you, just pull out your camera and show them the photos you took it the male Revue show.