Male Strippers in Chicago go Above and Beyond Basic Exotic Dancing

Last weekend, my girlfriend Gina went to her best friend’s bachelorette party, who is having a June wedding here in Chicago. She went on to tell me about all the planning that went into it including the tedious task of finding and ordering male strippers in Chicago. Although I was not interested about hearing how the party went at first, Gina proceeded to tell me how the male exotic dancer was out of control and was doing things I would never hear about a girl doing at any bachelor party in Chicago.

Chicago male strippers will stop at nothing to provide full entertainment for the group of ladies. I am lucky to have a good girl like Gina, but she was telling me that all of her friends were touching and kissing certain parts of the male stripper. I am just warning all of the other guys clerical friends that attend these bachelorette parties because I know most of Gina’s friends have boyfriends  (or now, ‘had boyfriends’). Maybe it’s just the Windy City male strippers that behave badly, but I only know what goes on in Chicago.

I would definitely feel uncomfortable if my girlfriend had to go to another bachelorette party with the Chicago male dancers who apparently go above and beyond routine exotic dancing. I know my buddies are not innocent with female strippers at bachelor parties, but it costs extra money to participate in the tricks or stunts the dancer comes up with. Gina told me that the male stripper performed these extra tricks for no additional cost. Before my girlfriend left for her ultimate girl’s night out in Chicago, she told me that she would be having innocent fun and they will be playing silly games. Well, I do not think it is silly for your girlfriend to be licking whipped cream off some Chicago hunks body.