Chicago hunks male strippers

Chicago hunks male strippers

No one puts on a show better than the Chicago Hunks male strippers. Many other male Revue shows have tried to copy the synergistic elements of elegance and brute manliness to create the show most heavily praised in Chicago.

Bachelorette parties in Chicago have never been the same since the hot boys from Chicago hunks began displaying their physical superiority at the Pink Monkey. Finally all of the ladies getting hitched in Chicago can celebrate the last night of freedom

When the ladies arrive at the gentleman’s club for girls, they are treated like Queens with a supplementary cocktail and free pole dancing lessons by professional Chicago female strippers. The girls who attend these special classes will be able to perform lap dances for their men at home with ease.

Planning a bachelorette party in Chicago can be very easy if you know where to go, but there are dozens of choices, so why not let the staff members at the Chicago Hunks take the guesswork out of your party planning? The simplest solution is to purchase tickets online to save you some money and ensure your VIP entrance into the most talked about male Revue show in Chicago.

Your party is combined with three or four other bachelorette parties which enhance the experience. The theater holds about 150 people, and when filled with screaming girls, the energy elevates everyone’s mood ensuring a great time.

The male exotic dancers that work for Chicago hunks train hard in the gym and on the dance floor. Even after performing for a few years, they have professional choreographers come in once a month to teach the new dance routines and perfect the show they perform currently.

Cocktails, gorgeous hunks, stripper pole dancing lessons, and five star dining are just a few reasons why you should order tickets to the hottest bachelorette party in Chicago! Don’t waste another Saturday night complaining about the lame guys hitting on you at the bars when you can party with the Chicago Hunks male strippers every Saturday night!